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Galaxy S4 went head to 'chip' the real reason

Itself excimer North 5410 'fever ankle and performance issues

System LSI Division, Samsung Electronics particles in the master bedroom is at stake. Volume of the fever and to achieve the required performance application processor (AP) · CMOS image sensor (CIS), including new S4 Galaxy in the competition for three seasons. 24 days thanks to the success of the Galaxy S series, tried to raise the System LSI Division, Samsung Electronics strategy setback occurred. According to industry sources, Samsung wireless division to 70% of the production volume of 10 million Galaxy S4 Prime Qualcomm AP decided to write. Is the first Galaxy S series since the release of the external AP proportion of such high Galaxy S4 Qualcomm AP is supplied to all of the North American market models, European model as the North enters the excimer System LSI Division, the world's first octa-core developed `5410` excimer North Galaxy S4 supply. Fever and design errors and performance issues caught my ankle. Little Big first ARM Cortex A7 and A15 intersection at the 5410 North excimer. Calorific value when you drive a lot of videos, including high-end content. Fever brought up the problem of the 5410 North excimer power design errors known original server and laptop central processing unit (CPU) for the Cortex A15 ARM has developed. Optimized for smartphone A15 as there is bound to be a limit to Core redesign contracts with ARM architecture, which is why companies such as Qualcomm, Apple Background, "if there was a scandal caused by quality problems, which aims to sell 100 million Galaxy S4 marketing fatal," said Samsung Electronics to reduce the proportion of its semiconductor industry insiders. Snapdragon Qualcomm supplying Galaxy S4 ` 600 `300 crate was designed based Crate is made ​​to re-design the ARM Cortex architecture platform. 600 Snap Dragon, according to market research firm The Linley Group, less power consumption than the 5410 North excimer. 1.3W maximum power from the 1.9 ㎓ clock speeds up. Excimer North 1.7 ㎓ 2.3W power level while the Samsung ARM core redesign did not yet dispose of the platform. System LSI Division to solve the problem of North fever excimer-core processors (CPU) · graphics processor (GPU), and improving the performance of cache memory-to-memory bus (Bus) to devise a way, but it did not solve the fundamental problem. system LSI division CMOS image sensor (CIS) market in classics. Sony is the exclusive supplier of the Galaxy S4 for 1300 megapixel CIS. Its System LSI Division, Samsung wireless division initially in mid-April with the goal CIS for dual tried. System LSI Division's CIS (Model 3L2) the completeness of the product off the success possibility of the unknown. , Sony 8,000,000 and 5,000,000 pixels to market 13 million-pixel CIS, as well as went. System LSI division, beating the Sony Samsung entry-level smartphone 5-megapixel CIS supply. To produce a 300 mm fab in the CIS all at competitive prices doubled because until recently enjeo added. Deda Samsung Electronics DS Division officials said concerns that "there is no problem," Axial North to rush into mass production in the second quarter of Proceeding journalists to expand the market with a variety of customers, "he said.

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