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Microsoft has managed to sell only 1.5 million tablets Surface

Microsoft is faced with the fact that its estimates of potential sales Tablet Series Surface been overstated. Until today, the corporation could not comment on the sales, limited generalities. It is known that the launch of the sale of more expensive tablet Surface Pro quickly sold out its version with 128 GB of storage, and after him, and the 64 GB version. After that, there was an assumption that the disappearance of shipments was not due to large numbers of willing buyers and small volumes of produced tablets. This was done to inject artificial boom that allowed somehow increase sales in a market where the leading role played by successful Apple, and numerous Android device on very slowly winning back its stake. Now, a team of three analysts, who preferred not to disclose their names, as soon officially reported sales. According to them currently sold over one million tablets Microsoft Surface RT. In this model, with ARM-chip sets are the most popular. Ship with Intel Inside logo Surface Pro version is closer to traditional laptops and more expensive, which affects their sales - they sold about 400,000 units. Thus, we can say that all Micrisift sold about 1.5 million tablets, despite the fact that market expectations were much higher. It was assumed that only the Surface RT in 2012, will be sold three million ekzeplyarov, and in the 4th quarter - 2 million.

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