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Apple iPad Mini - price is no longer "bite"

Over the past year, sales of tablets increased by 42.4%. This segment is one of the fastest growing in recent years. The most popular and desirable among our countrymen are products of Apple .

Tablets today buys quite narrow stratum of advanced gadzhetomanov and members of elite groups. Until now, the price for "apple" device "bite." Many of us have had to deal with them in a choice between a beautiful, stylish and fashionable iPad and some inexpensive tablet with similar specifications. Now the problem is solved this difficult choice 3 June it will be possible to buy Apple iPad Mini 16 Gb Wi-Fi + 4G costs 10,990 rubles. On the company's stock "Vikimart" must leave your e-mail , to receive a letter about the start of the closed sales and referral link for purchase. Limited stock, so not all will be able to become owners of this technically simple, compact, stylish stand-alone device.

With the tablet from Apple comfortably while away the time on the road, you can receive mail, quickly contact the right people to decide workflows. It is not that the tablet can completely replace the PC, but it serves as a useful add-on that extends the use of modern IT facilities.

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