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Launch your star to the GALAXY!

Launch your star to the GALAXY!
Held for the second consecutive year, this challenge will determine the best GALAXY S4 apps that make use of the Samsung Chord SDK.
The 10 winning entries will receive $800,000 in total prizes and be eligible for investment evalutation from Samsung Venture Investment Corporation
as well as multiple marketing promotion.

Entry Period
June 20 – August 31, 2013
Judging Period
October – November 2013
Winner Announced
Scheduled to be announced in December 2013

Smart Chord Apps 10 Apps that make use of Samsung Chord SDK GALAXY S4

Apps must have English language support and may offer multilingual support that includes English.
You must submit an introduction of your app.
All entries should be sold on Samsung Apps after May 1, 2013.
You cannot enter paid promotion apps or apps that are subject to a contract with Samsung.
If you have incorporated IAP(In-App Purchase) function, you must use Samsung IAP.
If you insert advertisements into the app, you must use Samsung AdHub.

You can enter multiple apps.
If your Samsung Apps Seller Office ID and App ID are not valid, your enter may be disqualified.


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