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Samsung Galaxy S4 goes for gold for £1,700

Do you love gold -- only gold? Then golden words will pour in your ear when you're talking on your gold-plated £1,700 Samsung Galaxy S4.

The gold-loving mad Midases at Goldgenie are behind the gold-plated S4. These are people who never laid on eyes on something they couldn't drape in gold, securing backing from James Caan along the way on TV business bear pit Dragon’s Den.

The golden Galaxy comes bedecked in plain gold, platinum, or rose gold. It's SIM-free and unlocked so you can can use it on any network.

You can order the gold-plated Galaxy from 23rd May, with that £1,700 price tag attached to the 16GB model.

That's a solid gold bargain compared to some high-rolling luxury phones: the Tag Heuer Racer luxury Android phone costs £2,300, the Vertu Ti sells for between £6,700 and £14,000, and the AEsir Æ+Y will set you back a mere £36,000 and it doesn't even connect to the Web.

If all these are a little beyond your budget, then don't fret: our special mobile deals calculator can find you a luxury phone without the high-roller price tag -- and check out our guide to the Samsung Galaxy S4 price and best deals for more on the S4.


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