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Invite: #ZoomReinvented After the Dark, Party in New York for New Nokia Lumia 1020/EOS #ZoomParty

MNB Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 00.52.11
This was just sent to my email address.  I thought it was to let us know about the live stream but it’s for some events taking place in New York on July 11th…
The Nokia EOS/Lumia 1020 is expected to have a 41MP sensor like the Nokia Hyperion, aka Nokia 808 PureView.
It’s interesting to note the moon and the magnifying glass which notes some excellent low light but also great zooming performance.
I wonder what it’s about, eh?
This #zoomparty takes place between 7:30-10:30pm in the midtown area of NY. Those registering to get to the party have to be over 18. I’m not quite sure if it’s open to the public.
The actual unveiling of the EOS takes place 11am, NY.
Seems it’s a relatively new thing as there doesn’t seem to be mentions of a zoom party other than one other tweet (and then January 29th before that)

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