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[Figure] Sony Xperia Z1 dismantling solid work harder to restore

Time to enter in 2013, the development of smart phones can be used to describe the rapid, mobile quad-core processor penetration in a sense, has even gone beyond the PC side. However, the rapid development of mobile processors and different pixel camera phone is indeed somewhat slow lifting speed, in addition to Nokia's 41 million pixel camera, the other brands in general are still the 13 million pixel positioning themselves to the highest standards.
As the electronics industry giants, Sony in the video can be described as very high attainments, and even now many products are using Sony's Exmor sensor.As Sony's new listing of the new machine, of course, different. Xperia Z1 built an exclusive G lens , which is Sony's current to the digital camera to create a new lens. Its image size up to 20.7 million pixels, 1/2.3 inch large Exmor RS sensor stack structure is also very good at capturing scenes of light, night shot ability to enhance significantly. In fact, apart from the camera outside, Xperia Z1 also has a lot in terms of hardware upgrades, I believe there are many users want to see the internal structure of the smart flagship, and in the end what kind of G lens?How the overall work? Do not worry, following on from the pen to everyone who Xperia Z1 uncover the mystery of the internal structure.

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