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Galaxy Note 3 undergoes drop test, here’s the torture on video

All the units of a flagship smartphone that undergo careful construction at a factory probably wonder which of them will be unlucky enough to be chosen for the brutal drop tests that have become commonplace in the mobile industry. Well, one such unlucky Galaxy Note 3 was picked up by the folks over at Android Authority, and now we can all see how well Samsung’s latest phablet fares when it’s brutally dropped to the ground for the sadistic desires of the human mind.
The device was first dropped on its faux leather back, where it escaped with nothing but a scratch on the camera housing. Next up was a meeting of the bottom of the handset with the concrete below – this time, the cosmetic damage was quite a bit more than when it was dropped on the back, the back cover got dislodged at one spot, but other than that, everything was still fine, with the S Pen still holding in its place quite nicely.
However, it was when the Note 3 was dropped on its face did things go downhill, and while the display continued to work quite well, the glass shattered pretty much across the entire surface. Well, not that we were expecting anything else, but now you have proof that the glass on top of the beautiful Super AMOLED display isn’t going to be remain intact if you ever drop your Note 3 on its face.
Well, here’s the video, go ahead and enjoy it in all its evil glory (the 1:20, 1:49, and 2:50 marks will take you to the part where each drop is shown off in slow motion).

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