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Lens Attachment Case for Xperia Z Smartphone

Securely attach your Cyber-shot® QX Series lens-style camera to your Xperia Z™ smartphone and start snapping great photos with this lens attachment case.

Take even better pictures with your Xperia Z smartphone by adding the Cyber-shot QX Series lens-style camera. The SPA-ACX1/B lens attachment case makes it a cinch to securely attach the lens to the camera so can capture amazing photos.


This sturdy case allows for your Cyber-shot DSC-QX len-style camera to attach securely to your Sony(R) Xperia Z smartphone1 so you can take great photos. When the camera is not in use the case can be closed so as to not expose the attachment area.


0.7 oz (20g)


3 x 5 5/8 x 17/32'' (73.7mm x 141mm x 13.15mm)

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