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Sony Xperia Z2 the next generation smartphone with 4K resolution

Sony just have unveiled Sony Xperia Z1 smartphone which is promising to be one of the best smartphone out there in the market with 20MP camera sensor, Snapdragon 800 quad-core A15 2.3GHz processor, 2GB RAM and full HD display. And now news came for the next generation smartphone the Sony Xperia Z2.

 This year, Sony launched the very first smartphone of its Z series i.e. Sony Xperia Z, and now Xperia Z1 will come in the market and in the future after 5 months from now, we will see Sony Xperia Z2 in the market. We have already seen few rumors for Galaxy S5 and we want to tell you, the revealed specs and features of Xperia Z2 are comparable to Galaxy S5.

Sony Xperia Z2

Sony Xperia could be very first smartphone to feature Snapdragon Qualcomm 1200 Octa-core processor chipset that would be powered with 4GB RAM, Octa-core GPU and can produce the output for 4K resolution display. As per our information, Sony is preparing 26MP compact sensor for its next generation smartphones. So it is the right time to connect this news with the Xperia Z2 rumors.

Sony Xperia Z2 Specs:

• Snapdragon 1200 chipset
• Octa-core processor
• 4K resolution display, 5.4 inches powered with IGZO+
• 26 MP compact camera powered with extreme low light sensors

Along with the Xperia Z2, Galaxy S5 will make its entry in the market. Already there is lots of information available on the web regarding the next generation Samsung Galaxy SV smartphone. We could see the head on head collision between Galaxy S5 vs Xperia Z2. Let’s wait and watch for the real next generation smartphones of the market which would snatch the crown of best smartphone 2014.


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