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(SR5) QX Lens camera press release with spec list, video and images!

A Sony site unintentionally leaked the full Press release including images. The new QX100 and QX10 “lens-style cameras” will be announced tomorrow (September 4) at 16:00 London time (4pm). I will embed the livestream of the Sony presentation on this site. I will also include early reviews and preorder links. UPDATE: Sony asked me to remove the press release as it was posted by mistake by one of their sites. The video of the QX cameras is still public on youtube and I will keep it embedded as this isn’t my video or channel (Source is Mobilegeeks.de).

Interesting for “advanced” photographer: There is a good and a bad news:
The good news is that the QX100 costs $250 less than the Sony RX100MII (here at Amazon). And the QX100 has the same lens and sensor!
The bad news: The QX Lenscamera do not shoot RAW. It’s JPG only!


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