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Xperia J ST26i 11.2.A.0.33 firmware Rolled Out – Minor Update Only

A new firmware with build number 11.2.A.0.33 has hit Xperia J St26i just now over the previous 11.2.A.0.31 firmware update. It’s the 3rd jelly bean firmware update for Xperia J. PTCRB certified 11.2.A.0.33 firmware for St26i and St26a half a month back.

Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bena 11.2.A.0.33 firmware update is a minor bug fixing update only and is confirmed in Egypt. 11.2.A.0.33 firmware  is available over PC Companion, SUS and Bridge. 11.2.A.0.33 firmware. Our Tipster updated 11.2.A.0.33 firmware over OTA and it was less than 1 MB but if you are downloading it over PCC or SUS, you have to download whole 450MB+ update.

11.2.A.0.33 firmware has not been seen in any other location till now, it seems 11.2.A.0.33 firmware update is a regional update from Sony only available in some regions.


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