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Heart of the world Return of the King China Telecom and Samsung Electronics jointly publish annual flagship high-end smart phone Samsung W2014

November 1, China's leading integrated information service provider China Telecom, join the global digital media and digital convergence technology leader Samsung Electronics, in Nanjing jointly launched a new year-end dual network dual standby smart flagship phone - the "heart of the world "Samsung W2014. The launch of the Samsung W2014 is a four-channel 3G services, China Telecom and Samsung Electronics, the latest innovative ideas crystallized, superb design and cutting edge technology has become China dual network dual standby smart phone model for. As Samsung's global system of high-end products tailored for the Chinese classic series, Samsung W2014 is expected for the domestic elite groups enjoy unprecedented experience.

  The conference attracted more than 50,000 people gathered in Nanjing Olympic Sports Center Stadium to witness this new flagship annual event listing.

China Telecommunications Corporation and Mr. Yang Jie, president of Samsung Electronics in Greater China, Mr. Park Jae Chun and other senior leadership of both parties and the "heart of the world" brand ambassador Jackie Chan witnessed the king s Samsung W2014 Advent

China Telecommunications Corporation and Mr. Yang Jie, president of Samsung Electronics in Greater China, Mr. Park Jae Chun and other senior leadership of both parties and the "heart of the world" brand ambassador Jackie Chan witnessed the king falls Samsung W2014

Benevolent Siyuan heart of the world

  Since China Telecom and Samsung Electronics launched the "heart of the world," the flagship brand of high-end smart business phone, it has been introduced to several million under the command of the elite crowd. After time sharpening, the "heart of the world" series after "Pegasus Gold" Samsung W699, "Pierre" Samsung W799, "Zhen respect" Samsung W899, "Zhen concept" Samsung W999 and Samsung W2013 continuation of several generations, a high-end smart phones Session remarkable legend. Series latest model Samsung Samsung W2014 integrate cutting-edge innovation and technology, will be extremely delicate design standards, the industry's top hardware configuration, high-end users enjoy the exclusive characteristics of services rolled into one, to attain success both inside and outside the top grade new Wangfeng Fan.

  "Heart of the world" series has a sentimental value with the user resonate to produce good tradition, Samsung W2014 equally benevolent social elite identity feelings, the extraordinary quality of life superior carrying them. On socially responsible, committed to the community to create greater value for the social elite, the "heart of the world" series to show that they "reach and the world economy," the ideological realm and the "success", "achievement" "pay the price" open-minded realm, the "tradition, innovation, honor, and think Jen" brand connotation promote, sublimation.

Samsung Greater China Mobile Communications Senior Vice President Mr. Wang Tong in the "heart of the world" Samsung W2014 conference speech

Samsung Greater China Mobile Communications Senior Vice President Mr. Wang Tong in the "heart of the world" Samsung W2014 conference speech

China Telecom Tianyi terminal, general manager of Mr. Ma Daojie in the "heart of the world" Samsung W2014 conference speech

China Telecom Tianyi terminal, general manager of Mr. Ma Daojie in the "heart of the world" Samsung W2014 conference speech

Wise Hengde public practice

  The conference, international superstar Jackie Chan continues to act as the "heart of the world" brand ambassador. Cross-strait three star Rene Liu, Stefanie Sun, Jolin Tsai, Jane Zhang and other stars at the benefit concert singing, writing the "heart of the world" a new voice for the love of music.

  Ardent charity of Jackie Chan again "heart of the world" Samsung W2014 theme promo shoot. In the conference, the "heart of the world on the road" public action on stage with Jackie Chan recipients meet, both sides frustrating. Jackie Chan pointed out that the era of elite socially responsible, practice charity, distress Zhukun charisma and benevolent tolerance impressive, hoping to infection and promote people with lofty ideals to join the public in; He also hoped China Telecom, Samsung Electronics and the Fang caring people's efforts, "heart of the world," the great love of public action to further benefit the whole of society. The second time endorsements, Jackie Chan also have the opportunity to express his "heart of the world" phone single bell of love, and to describe the "heart of the world" product "far there is grace of the state, nearly significant exquisite quality, internally and externally The luxurious and memorable. "

"Heart of the world on the road" recipients of public action on stage to meet with Jackie Chan

"Heart of the world on the road" recipients of public action on stage to meet with Jackie Chan

  Each time the "heart of the world" products on the market, are accompanied by a public welfare support: the "heart of the world" brand inception, Samsung W799 has donor "Project Hope", Samsung W899 for the western "Mother Water Cellar" project donations, Samsung W999with "Light of Love" cataract patients in poor areas where action, Samsung W2013 through the "reconstruction" program Zhaotong in Yunnan earthquake reconstruction, this year's "heart of the world on the road" compared to Samsung W2014 charity team took the public donation banner.

  "Heart of the world on the road" charity team used in the form of donor funds and goods, regardless of the region, regardless of the category to rescue people who need help, toured the country's north and south, so that the "heart of the world" public good pace is always "on the road . " In Guiyang, they sent for adversity couple surgery; in Hebei, Tangshan high Shuzhen love small courtyard bedding and sent the children charity; in Hainan, charity team "donate a kidney to save the woman," the mother Hongyu Dan donor surgery; Liaoning mercy "orphan village" children usher in the "heart of the world on the road" charity team sent rice, oil, flour and other living materials. A time when winter westbound Ningxia charity team for mountain children promptly send winter clothes and books. Public action every time they let the "heart of the world" brand warmer, more thick, it will continue to sublimate its spiritual content.

  In recent years, China Telecom to maintain rapid and healthy development, actively fulfill corporate social responsibility, promote philanthropic culture, cohesion extraordinary strength.The company established a donation management system, follow the "voluntary, unpaid, clear accountability and capabilities, honest and trustworthy" principle, through contributions, donations, providing free services and other forms of getting rid of danger and assist the weak, helping the poor, support for UNESCO Wei, dissemination civilized fashion; encourages employees to carry forward the spirit of volunteerism, participation in various forms of voluntary service activities.

  Since 2002, China Telecom continued to aid Tibet Banbar, 5 batches selected 10 outstanding group of cadres to carry out aid work locally, ten years invested a total of 148 million yuan to complete the construction of infrastructure, construction of small towns, the new rural development, information technology and education, health and other projects to aid Tibet more than 80 items. Continued support Banbar Kashin-Beck disease prevention and control work, employees contribute actively to buy rice for the side dam KBD food for farmers and herdsmen, the KBD patients was significantly reduced; to Yanyuan County, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province and wood Lane County for poverty alleviation funds 6.34 million yuan, the construction project 21, the focus for information technology, agriculture, education, health, science and technology demonstration and other aspects; implemented in cooperation with the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation "New Great Wall - poor college students self-reliance" and "poor high school Health Self-class "project, funded counties when poor students admitted to the University and the poor high school students 1851. Employees voluntarily donate one yuan per person per month, the establishment of China Telecom "one dollar" education and relief fund to finance the dam side, Yanyuan, Muli County of needy students.

  In this conference venue Jiangsu Province, China Telecom Jiangsu Company has carried out two consecutive years "excellent surfing, flying Young Dreams" Students love action, the province's total to 6,000 students from economically disadvantaged families donated large screen Tianyi 3G smart Tianyi mobile phones and love cards for their learning, communication and create a good environment for them in the journey to help realize their dreams wings.

FY MAY respected model

  Need to create a mobile phone of the road, at the least bit of perfect craftsmanship, Samsung W2014 inherited the "heart of the world" series has always been Seiko secret agents, to rare noble charm, develop their top Extreme business phone demeanor. China Telecom and Samsung Electronics' third-build, so Samsung W2014 learn ancient classic design of the long, and ultimately enhance the overall manufacturing process. Seiko champagne gold polished solid body pure primary colors, elegant top shaft wandering hands extraordinary world, opening and closing of the arc to make the perfect luxurious elegance to show tolerance. The unique texture of leather body wrap back design will bring ultimate comfort delicate and gentle touch and a great impression. Obsidian texture of the external screen embedded body, when you tap the screen turned into luxury watches, so that the body in the TAG Heuer and introverted temperament freely between conversions.

  Samsung will be the industry's top ultra-thin Samsung W2014 SuperAMOLED screen technology used on the external screen, allowing users to "hands treasure" has presented unprecedented visual realism. Quad-core 2.3GHz processor, a comprehensive upgrade Android4.3 operating system, the ultimate smooth experience; significantly enhance the performance of super endurance, but also will help the social elite and the political leader strategizing helm situation.

"Heart of the world" Samsung W2014

"Heart of the world" Samsung W2014

Experience the world of excellence List

  "Heart of the world" Samsung W2014 has a whole series of most luxurious hardware and software configurations, as wise era elite and community leaders to bring excellent hands experience, allowing them to swim while heaven and earth, easy to enjoy work and entertainment win perfect life.

  13 million pixels rear camera, 2.0 megapixel front camera support 20 "rapid continuous shooting" and the double shots; Fast charging and dual microphones feature saves users valuable time elite. Enjoys the reputation of the industry security protection mechanisms Knox applied to it, will provide users with unprecedented efficiency, ease of business experience.

  "Heart of the world" Samsung W2014 supports GSM and CDMA2000 dual network dual standby dual-channel voice and EVDO and WiFi / WAPI Internet dual channel, 5-band global roaming. China Telecom Tianyi 189 mailboxes, Phonebook aides and other special services and applications built-in, so that regardless of exposure times world leaders and wherever bird's-eye view the world through the Samsung W2014, aspect boundless. In addition, Samsung carefully tailored for high-end users, "Pierre Circle" service on the Samsung W2014 fully upgraded, with Samsung's innovative user-friendly features, the user experience will reach an unprecedented level of perfection.

  "Heart of the world" Samsung W2014 is the supreme grade classic adjourned, it is blend of technology and wisdom pour Shijie for. As a symbol of China Telecom and Samsung Electronics brainchild perfect match for the full year, the quality of the glory of the Samsung W2014 competent enough in today's high-end phones Masterpieces Teenking will certainly become a new era of elite year irreplaceable identity.

Samsung W2014 product parameters

CDMA 800/1900MHz
GSM 900/1800/1900MHz
Quad-core 2.3GHz processor
Dual 3.7 inches Super AMOLED dazzling screen ultra-thin
Operating system
Android 4.3
Dimensions / Weight
59.45 x 116.65 x 15.79 in mm / 173.5 g
13 million pixel camera front camera +200 Wan
1080P @ 30FPS Full HD video recording playback
Value-added features
Pierre Circle / Samsung Hub / S Cloud / ChatON / China telecom value-added services
1900 mA when
BT 4.0, microUSB, WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (2.4GHz +5 GHz), A-GPS
2GB RAM + 32GB Storage + microSD (up to64GB)
Accelerometer, Digital Compass, Gyro, Proximity, Gesture, light, Sensor Hub

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