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Sony Xperia Z1s teardown: Sony walks us through reassembling its latest phone

Sony used CES 2014 as the launchpad for its Xperia Z1s, and the company was happy to take us on a trip through the many parts that make up their latest flagship device. In a visit to its booth, the company showcased an Xperia Z1s that had been completely disassembled and would be put back together by hand. Obviously, this isn't the way that smartphones are normally built. Were we to rely on workers to assemble these devices by hand without the aid of major machinery, only a few hundred people would be able to receive a Z1s next week. However, the demonstration did give us an inside look into the phone and how several parts work together to deliver a full package of game playing, phone calling, video watching, and app loading. Below is a video of the Xperia Z1s being put back together with very light edits made for time and camera difficulties.

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