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Update Nokia Lumia Black

Nokia has announced the beginning of the spread of updates Lumia Black for Nokia Lumia smartphones based on WP8. The update includes a host of new features, better photo technology, applications and recent innovations from Microsoft and Nokia, which will improve the capabilities of smartphones Lumia.
After installing Lumia Black smartphone users will receive the following features:
  • App Folder (" Folders ") - a new proprietary feature that is designed to work with Lumia sdelaet more flexible, further extending the personalization options and organizing the start screen. With App Folder option can group multiple applications or individual settings on one tile (they will be united by a common background).
  • Screen Nokia Glance 2.0 will help in real-time tracking of important information, not including smartphone. On the lock screen will be displayed various notifications: calls, messages, emails, Outlook, calendar or notice some games and applications, such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp.
  • Bluetooth LE . Wireless technology with low power consumption make all Lumia phones based on Windows Phone 8 compatible with gadgets like sports wear Adidas MiCoach.
  • Nokia Refocus (" Change of focus "). This application will come to all Lumia smartphones based on Windows Phone 8 with 1 GB of RAM or higher.
  • Nokia Beamer (" Projector "). Opportunity to share what is displayed on the screen, including being photographs, documents, presentations, etc. Any content will be displayed on another screen that supports HTML5 - enough to scan QR-code. This feature is available for all smartphones with 1 GB of RAM or higher.
  • Nokia Storyteller (" Stories "). Application previously available for Nokia Lumia Lumia 1520 and 2520, will now be found on other models. The application will automatically organizes photos based on data on the time and place of the shooting. Tight integration with maps users will also get additional information.
  • Nokia Camera (" Camera "). The application combines the capabilities of Nokia Pro Camera and Smart Camera. Last year, new features can benefit the owners of smartphones with the technology PureView, they are now available at all on the basis of Lumia WP8.
  • With the upgrade to Nokia Camera also will support " digital negatives "( DNG ) for Lumia 1020, which had previously been implemented only in Lumia 1520. DNG format gives access to the "raw" raw visual data.
  • A new generation of image processing algorithms . With updating Lumia Black, as the manufacturer promises, improve the quality of the photos, especially taken with the Lumia 1020. Among other things, improve touched oversampling algorithm: the image will look more natural, with less noise at the same time the sharpness will remain on top.
Also update Lumia Black Nokia Lumia smartphones come several enhancements from Microsoft. Among them safe driving mode in which disabled unnecessary driving functions, as well as setting ringtones for each contact. In addition, you can close the application through task manager and lock screen rotation.
First update will be distributed Lumia Black smartphone Lumia 925 Lumia 1020 and soon it will come to other models.

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