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10 tips to engage your readers and monetize your news app

This is part of our three part video series which includes actionable tips and can learn best practices for developing, launching and monetising a high quality News app. Other videos include 10 tips on how to design and develop your News app and 10 tips to help you launch your News app and start gaining readers.

0:17 - Listen to your readers’ feedback and analyse their behaviour
0:40 - Know your readers with Sign-In so you can better engage them
1:08 - Help readers to rediscover your app with notifications
1:27 - Build monetization strategies that meet your readers’ expectations
1:53 - Mix and match billing models to capture more readers loyalty
2:16 - Optimise your subscription price proposition for your readers
2:52 - Utilise promotional features of Google Play billing to increase your subscriber conversion
3:13 - Utilise free trials to increase subscribers
3:42 - Understand your users’ behaviour and subscription patterns
4:25 - Maximise revenue from your ad inventory

▶ Find out tips and resources to help you develop a successful news mobile strategy in the News Publisher Playbook [g.co/play/newspublisherplaybook]
▶ Watch more videos in the tips for success on Google Play series [https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...]
▶ Get the Playbook for Developers app to find success on Google Play [http://g.co/play/getplaybookapp]

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