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Alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 7 teaser reveals curved edge screen

Some mysteries related to the next version of the Samsung Galaxy Note phablet have apparently been cleared up, thanks to an alleged teaser for the phablet. The image was sent to us by a source who wishes to remain anonymous. According to his story, he was able to obtain a picture of the teaser. If the image is legit, it confirms that Samsung is dong the smart thing and is calling this year's iteration of the Galaxy Note the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

By skipping the Note 6 name and going straight to Note 7, Samsung would be aligning the Galaxy Note 7 with the Samsung Galaxy S7 flagship phone. Samsung feared that consumers would look at the Galaxy Note 6 name and conclude that it contained last year's technology. In addition, the Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus could also perpetuate that myth when they launch in three months.

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