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For Samsung, the 'Next Big Thing' is a bunch of little things

Marc Mathieu, Samsung's new North American marketing chief, tells CNET how the company will get you excited about tech again. Samsung's "Next Big Thing" marketing push from five years ago propelled the company to the top of the smartphone market. Now, the company must figure out how to stay there. The man assigned to that task is Marc Mathieu, chief marketing officer for Samsung's North American operations, which include televisions, home appliances and mobile devices. In the year since he was hired from Unilever, Mathieu has been looking for a way to top the Next Big Thing campaign spearheaded by his predecessor, Todd Pendleton. Mathieu's solution? A new campaign that features people doing everyday activities with their Galaxy devices, like going for a run while using the company's new Gear Fit 2 fitness band. It's centered on four "collections:" Go, Explore, Create and Move. It was "Move" that Samsung touted last week when it introduced its Gear Fit 2 fitness band and Icon X Bluetooth earbuds. Click to read the rest of the article

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