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Galaxy Note 7 - all you need to know about the new flagship


We have become a tradition, shortly before the official announcement to discuss the main characteristics of the flagships, to talk about what they can do and how to relate to the previous devices. Given that all stated information is informal, you can take it with a little skepticism, the previous materials, as a rule, characterized by high accuracy and give a complete picture of the models. In the case of Note 7 official information you learn on August 2 with the presentation device, which is traditionally held in New York. Until then, I suggest you discuss the flagship of Samsung and see what he will surprise us or offer a new one.

Why Note 7 and Note 6 to Delhi? What a mess in names
Historically it so happened that there was a line Note later than the Galaxy, and it also comes out in the fall, that is, it turns out that when the market is already sold Galaxy with a high atomic number, appears Note with the number smaller. Samsung decided for marketing reasons to neutralize this difference and immediately jump to the digit 7, conceding six. No other except marketing, no arguments here.

In August 2015, when Samsung showed Note 5, it became clear that the future of the line Note doubt, the company decided to make the S6 EDGE + main unit and Note sell and promote a residual in most markets. He came out at the end of the year, that is, with a delay of a few months, did not have the same support, giving the impression that from the line Note want peace and quiet to get rid of. Already in January, it became clear that such steps Samsung provoked very sharp reaction from buyers, they did not want the disappearance of line Note and demanded that, as before, this line is not just there, but let's phones with the best engineering solutions. At the time of announcement of the Galaxy S7 / S7 EDGE inside Samsung we have already decided that all will return to its original place and the next Note will be one of the key models for the company as before.

Positioning the device looks - is the most powerful from an engineering point of view of the model, which has a large margin of safety. It is curious that at various forums still discussing that Note 3 is so good that there is no point in replacing it on older models. Clearly, this is not quite true, but in the perception of a significant number of people the previous model line Note is not outdated and are in demand. For example, when traveling, I often use the Note 4 are not experiencing any issues, it is quite a modern smartphone on the speed and on the Android version (6.0.1 is). Over the past two years, this model has not passed much, may well survive for at least another year, providing a comfortable fit. In the market there are almost no models with such a long life cycle, which in this case would not morally obsolete.

C Note 7 story not only persists, but it is possible that the life of this unit will grow even more. And to some extent it could be the ancestor of the updated line Note, the first or last device as such. One thing I can say for sure, no manufacturer will not show anything like that from a technical point of view, they just do not have such technology.

Design, size, controls
At comparable size differences in ergonomics S6 and S7 were striking, the second went into the hand like a glove, and the first on his background was perceived as nedopilenny prototype. Having mastered this trick, the Samsung engineers were able to repeat it, and in the line Note, the new flagship perfectly in the hand, while the previous I did not have any specific complaints. But Sause body, and due to this, and the beveled edges it fits in your hand better. Many people swears line Note for size, trying S7 EDGE, somehow baked onto him, saying that this unit is different ergonomics. It is to him as the prototype of and oriented to create Dimensions Note 7. Note 5 - 153.2h76.1h7.6 mm, Note 7 - 153.5h73.9h7.9 mm. Another shell thickness is not felt, but the fact that he already understood immediately. This is no loss of performance in a slightly smaller size is not responsible.

One of the key features of all the Note to Five were collapsible housing and an opportunity to change the battery. Unfortunately, this device monolithic body, the battery can be replaced only at the service center, which, however, the problem is not a standard procedure and takes a matter of minutes. Of course, if your side has a service center.

Just like in the S7 / S7 EDGE, added protection from water, supported by standard IP68. With the phone you can swim, drop into the water, and in most situations it will be nothing. Watch video as S7 behaves in the tank with water.

As with S7 / S7 EDGE, we are used advanced security technology, when connectors determine whether there is water in them, and refuse to be charged even if it is detected. But in contrast to the S7 / S7 EDGE, recycled coated screen (the glass - all the same Corning Gorilla Glass 4), now more accurately recognized by pressing when the screen is wet.

But that's not all, in the name of the S Pen added the letter E (Enhanced), which means "superior." Perot became less, but can now work both in the water and under water (why need a second, for me the big question, but maybe someone will find a use for this technology).

A frequent question asked whether the only version with a curved screen or is it released and familiar flat. In the development of both devices were, but it was decided that display multiple positions on the market impractical demand more on the EDGE version, so there will be only a screen.

Slot made a sliding, there is room for a microSD memory card combined slot (or two SIM-cards or memory card). It is possible that in some markets Note 7 will be promoted as the DUOS, then it will read the inscription on the body. But these devices are structurally not different, they are identical.

Three body colors, the familiar design that does not strike. Among the external changes - replacing microUSB-socket on the USB Type C. Prototypes S7 EDGE have been equipped with the same connector, but at the last moment refused it, arguing that any benefits from its use will not get. In this model it is installed. Check failed for various reasons, the speed of this terminal, but presumably this USB 3.1 (not 2.0), that is, the data rate is maximum, as well as the charging rate.

Externally, with the screen Note 7 does not differ from the company's previous devices, it can be distinguished on the details, but they are not visible from afar.

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