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Samsung releases final episode of its virtual reality thriller GONE

Samsung introduced its new virtual reality thriller called GONE in December last year. The series takes viewers on a quest to find a 9-year-old girl who vanished in broad daylight, before countless witnesses. VR technology enables viewers to navigate multiple points of view within each 360-degree episode and scene, allowing them to choose their own path as they work alongside the characters to solve the mystery. Multiple episodes have been released throughout the past few months and Samsung has now released the final episode of its virtual reality thriller.

A total of 11 episodes of GONE have been released – including the finale – all of which are now available for viewing on the Gear VR alongside the tutorial. This means that those users who have yet to see this series can now binge watch it.  The episodes are live on Samsung Milk VR for the Gear VR headset. GONE has been created by author, writer, and director JT Petty. The series was exclusively produced for the Gear VR.

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