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Samsung’s ‘culture innovation’ is now underway

Earlier this year in March, Samsung said that it wants to ditch the corporate bore and feel like a young and trendy startup again. The “culture innovation” drive is spearheaded by Samsung Electronics vice chairman Lee Jae-yong who is particularly willing to shed the conglomerate’s rigid, top-down management culture to promote horizontal communication and increase work efficiency.

In the first phase Samsung is going to implement a comprehensive reshuffle of work positions by simplifying seven job titles into four. It’s also going to add the Korean suffix “nim” to every employee’s name regardless of their job title in a bid to promote horizontal communication. The suffix “nim” can be used with names and titles as an expression of politeness and respect. Existing job titles like daeri (assistant manager), gwajang (manager), and bujang (team leader) will be replaced with four levels based on the employee’s job competency. The change does not apply to job titles of executives.

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