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Themes Thursday: A whopping 123 themes released this week in Samsung’s Theme Store

Samsung has released a whopping 123 themes this week, and we’re here with some of the most attractive ones. Welcome back to Themes Thursday! Plenty of themes were released this week with Material design guidelines including [Kendi], Bora UI, and Noir UI themes. However, Material X is our favorite theme for this week, and the Material Blue UI theme comes in a close second. If you’re into Pixel Art, check out the Pixel Rocket (Live) theme. New York _MINDON Design and Vintage Mountains themes are decent too. Needless to say, most of these themes are paid, and if Samsung hasn’t started listing paid themes in your region, you won’t find these themes in the Theme Store. There’s a decent collection of dark themes this week, so if you are someone who likes to save your smartphone’s battery, do check them out. Which theme did you like the most? Click to read the rest of the article

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