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Cloud Together - Samsung's own cloud service for phones and tablets?

One of Samsung in the European Union trademark registration gives the impression that the South Koreans to operate a private cloud service called  Cloud Together . It is tempting - but possibly premature - to think that this sometimes along with the Galaxy Note 7 could see daylight.

At the European Union Intellectual Property Office - you know, the EUIPO - Samsung yesterday an application filed to protect the trademark  Cloud Together . Besides the name, it is mainly the definition of the brand name that arouses interest. So there we read that  Cloud Together is a software application for smartphones, tablets and PCs, with the primary aim of storing and managing photos, videos and audio, and albums and galleries.

In the past, Samsung has worked for similar services, for example, DropBox and Microsoft to provide such services on its phones, but may come next Galaxys so with its own cloud service.

Whether we can meet  Cloud Together on the Galaxy Note 7 is obviously not clear. It is striking that Samsung has recorded in recent weeks took several software services. So we arrived late even though registrations against which the arrival of the stripped-Pay payment service Mini confirm.


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