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Dvuhsimochny Samsung Galaxy Note 7 certified in Russia

Before the official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 remains less than a month. Related to leak it will appear more and more frequently. Here, for example, is another: it dvuhsimochny version is certified in Russia. In "Rossvyaz" registry of mobile phones appeared "Smartphone Samsung SM-N930FD (Galaxy Note 7)." Letter D on the end of the index and indicates the presence in the unit of two slots for SIM-cards. Unfortunately, there is no description of the smartphone "Rossvyaz" does not.

Another interesting detail. Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge have been certified in Russia March 11, that is two and a half weeks after the announcement of the smartphone. Now the company certifies the novelty almost a month before the announcement. This may indicate a desire to start selling Note 7 immediately after the press conference. It is, recall, is scheduled for August 2nd.

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