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FCC approves US versions Samsung Galaxy Note 7

When the US FCC approval authority the US device versions expressions Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 to be inspected.

The FCC has its critical gaze shine on the various Galaxy Note 7 variants destined for some of the US carriers Verizon, AT & T, Sprint and T-Mobile. Presumably this device variants equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 821 processor. In Europe, we expect a Note 7 making his calculations with an Exynos chip from Samsung's own kitchen - the Exynos 8893.

This verification is the Galaxy Note 7 again step closer to both disclosure and release. The first takes place on August 2 , the latter may follow very soon afterwards - also in the Netherlands. With a price tag of € 849, - it is not a cheap device, but for getting you or directly - according to rumors - 64GB expandable storage, an iris scanner, a waterproof housing, an improved S Pen stylus, and possibly even 6GB RAM (but perhaps 4GB). Photos of the Galaxy Note 7 were recently seen already.

Although we so be patient should have access to the Galaxy Note 7 actually for sale, the voltage increases by the day - that much is clear.


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