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S7 Olympic Edition: Event on 07 July

Just the other day we have from the upcoming S7 Edge Special Edition reports that really stand out for its special livery and branding on the back. If you have not seen the Leak: After Irony Man, Star Wars and Injustice Edition this is the time to Olympic Edition.

On Facebook I have now discovered the official announcement of an event. "GE7 ready" is the motto; after the promos for Unpacked Event of S7 and S7 Edge it is close that Samsung will introduce a S7 device here. This is supported by the notation of "Get / GE7 ready" and the magic box, which is torn on 2 sides and (instead of blue as the S7 time) multicolor lights.
20160701_17350520160701_173440Well, what is presented, we know. And it looks like, we know also. In principle, Samsung delivers the last, missing information. The S7 Edge Olympic Edition will be presented on July 07, and thus we have (again) made ​​a Event unspannender. Now it's wait and drink tea (preferably Lars yes english 😉 ) and wait with interest to the retail price of Samsung.

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