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Samsung engineers don’t seem to do real world testing of their budget phones

I wrote yesterday about how Samsung needs to stop making smartphones with 8GB of internal storage, and I’m back again today to complain about another annoyance in the company’s budget smartphones. We have often spoken about how the lack of an ambient light sensor/auto brightness on Samsung’s cheap phones is inexcusable. A light sensor is missing on the Galaxy J2 (2016) as well, and I’ve come to realize it might be partially because Samsung engineers don’t actually use the budget phones they make as their primary smartphone before the devices hit the market and get into the hands of consumers.

At the Galaxy J2 (2016) launch, a lot of folks pointed out to Samsung’s product head for the device that the company needs to start putting in an ambient light sensor on its devices no matter what the price point. To which they got the reply that these phones do provide an Outdoor mode for better screen legibility outdoors. If the people who developed the Galaxy J2 (2016) or any other affordable Samsung phone had actually used them as a primary device for testing, they would have realized that an outdoor screen mode is nowhere near as important as a screen that can automatically adjust its brightness levels.

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