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Samsung kicks off production of the Tizen-powered Z2 in India

We first heard of the LTE-enabled Samsung Z2 a little over a year ago when a handful of leaked images surfaced online showcasing the design of the handset from all angles. Unfortunately, Samsung hit a severe delay in the development of the device, which threw all plans of a 2015 release out of the window. However, it would now appear that a launch is imminent as the South Korean company has just started importing a large amount of components into India to assemble its latest Tizen-powered smartphone at its Noida assembly plant.

This news comes three weeks after a variant of the Samsung Z2, carrying the model number SM-Z200F, received Bluetooth certification in the United States, which is a pretty solid indicator that a launch is right around the corner. All that’s left to do is receive FCC certification; then the handset will have all of the required documentation to hit the shelves. It’s pretty safe to say that Samsung has done a pretty good job at keeping Z2 under wraps as we don’t have any specifications to report, other than that it will ship with an all-new My Money Transfer application and will have a build of S Bike on board.

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