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Samsung launches 44 new TVs in India including SUHD and Joy Beat TVs

Samsung has launched 44 new TV models in India including its high-end SUHD TVs, mid-range Smart TVs, and affordable range of Joy Beat TVs. Prices of these TVs range from as low as INR 28,000 ($415) to as high as INR 2,400,000 ($35,725).

The company’s SUHD TV lineup with bezel-less curved quantum dot displays and 1000 nits brightness for HDR will be available in sizes of 49 inches to 88 inches with price tags ranging between INR 179,900 ($2,670) and 2,399,900 ($35,725).

The new Smart TV range from Samsung with features like Smart Interface, Smart Content, Smart Convergence and Smart play will be available in sizes of 32 inches to 88 inches for INR 34,500 ($512) to INR 703,900 ($10,450).

Affordable Joy Beat TVs come with a retro design and front-firing speakers with tweeters will be available in sizes of 32 inches to 49 inches for INR 27,900 ($399) to INR 69,500 ($1,030). The Cric-o-mania TV app developed by Samsung allows Indian consumers to keep up with cricket sports scores even when they’re watching other channels.

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