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Samsung needs to stop making phones with 8GB of storage

Samsung recently announced the Galaxy J2 (2016), and I have been using the device as my primary phone for the last couple of days. A budget smartphone always comes with a slew of limitations, but my biggest gripe with the Galaxy J2 (2016) has been its limited storage space. I’ve been bombarded by “you’re running out of storage space” messages since the first day, and during the initial day or two, most of my time was spent moving apps to the external SD card and uninstalling anything that I didn’t absolutely need.

It’s not like 8GB of storage is absolutely bad, but Samsung’s software takes up a lot of space for system files. Also, the company’s collaboration with Microsoft means you get preloaded versions of Skype, Word and a few other apps, all of which take more than 100 MB of storage out of the box. Then there’s the fact that Android doesn’t properly support installing apps on the external storage (Marshmallow made things better, but some of an app’s data still resides on the internal storage). Oh, and Samsung has also decided adoptable storage isn’t a feature people need – we agree it’s not necessary on a high-end device, but cheap smartphones would benefit from giving users the option to use a feature like adoptable storage.

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