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Samsung Patent Illustrates a New Round of Foldable Smartphone and Tablet Concepts

On May 30, Patently Mobile posted a patent report titled "Samsung Continues to Work on a Foldable Galaxy Smartphone," which showed us a basic foldable smartphone form factor that they were working on.  Then on June 6 Bloomberg posted a report titled "Samsung May Release Phones with Bendable Screens in 2017." Bloomberg's sources further noted that Samsung's 'Project Valley' smartphone project could in some form come to market as soon as February, when Mobile World Congress takes place in Barcelona. That timing would give Samsung a head-start on Apple's iPhone using OLED screens that may be released later in 2017. Last week the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published yet another patent application from Samsung which further supports not only foldable smartphone designs but also possible future foldable Galaxy tablets.

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