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Samsung releases some cool 360° videos captured with the Gear 360 camera

Samsung unveiled its Gear 360 camera earlier this year. The device enables the average user to easily create 360° VR experiences without having to spend too much money on equipment. It’s a great and easy way to create immersive content and Samsung really wants you to know that which is why it has released three cool 360° videos which showcase the capabilities of the Gear 360 camera.

The first one shows us a group of skydivers who jump out of the plane and make their way to the beautiful land of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The 360° video enables us to feel like a part of that group even as we scroll around the video manually, you can watch it using the Gear VR to get a proper immersive experience. The second video showcases a paramotor ride in Rio de Janeiro and gives us a great close look at the city’s iconic Christ the Redeemer statue. The third and final video is a timelapse of South Korea which highlights the beauty of Samsung’s home country. The Gear 360 is still hard to come by in some markets but Samsung promises wider availability later this year.

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