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Secret Cinema's VR experience on Awakenings Festival

Secret Cinema, the alias of Jeroen Verheij, with its 25 years in the profession call a real techno pioneer of Dutch soil. The Awakenings festival took his set at 360 degrees. That he was the only artist Awakenings. A small snippet of it you will find later in this article. High time for Secret Cinema here to ask some questions about this new experience.
At Awakenings Festival 2016 Secret Cinema playing after a long time again a live set. Along with Egbert he left the pegs of the X-stage tent as straws tremble in the ground. Here's a little clip of 360 degrees that nice eve in Awakenings. Check out this article on a Galaxy S6 or S7? And you have a Gear VR? Click under the movie on the button "View VR '. The short film will open it in the Facebook app, which gives you the VR experience very easily experienced in the Gear VR.

The coming period will more Secret Cinema 360 videos on his Facebook page sites. So you follow him, then plop all the 360 videos automatically on your timeline.

Discover: You've been 25 years in the profession. Can you tell us in a nutshell by taking over that period?

Secret Cinema: "I am now 25 years working as a DJ It all started when I heard techno somewhere on a dance floor and thought. This I want to make Since then I am working on my own music this is it!. best described as uplifting techno with a nice edge. the number of times recently I was back on Awakenings. I stood there no longer be counted on two hands. I am happy at this festival, especially since it is completely techno oriented. all my DJ colleagues are there too and that makes it fun. I had a few days before Awakenings decided to do them this time and no DJ set. So that was a bit exciting, but it was ultimately successful. We had a full tent at four o'clock in the afternoon and with sunshine outside. We were surrounded by true lovers so. "

Secret Cinema Visual
D: How do you stay still refreshing after such a long time?

S: "Very simple: continue to innovate the technology, so I But if for example, the music industry, I used to sell of course a lot of records Now I act much like to provide my maintenance It is of course always a challenge!.. to go along with the new generation of producers. the collaboration with Egbert (relatively new in the box, ed.) is also top notch. I discovered him through MySpace and asked if I could turn some tracks from him. Since then we have inseparable. It is always nice to run with him. So we went in February a session of six hours in the galaxy. late July is our track 'up' out. This is a real stunner that works everywhere on earth. Adam Beyer (techno producer, ed.) also had him and want him out now on his label Drumcode Records. "

D: How did you like shooting in 360 degrees?

S: "This was the first time that something in me was recorded at 360 degrees Because I live set turned I was not much doing that now includes a camera was for you, especially after the show, when I.. the pictures looked, I was upside down. it is so bold and cool to see that you can just turn around and see everything around. you make it really count, you will see even more how you loose the audience and enjoy. I am therefore certainly excited to do this more often, it really has a future! "

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