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The latest Gear S2 software update brings compatibility for sleep tracking

Two days ago, Samsung started pushing out a major software update for the Gear S2 in Asia, Europe, North America and South America. The upgrade weighs in at approximately 60MB and bundles a plethora of exciting new features, as noted in our preview, including social sharing for activities and a revamped Contacts application. However, one fantastic piece of functionality that the South Korean company failed to mention in the changelog is that the wearable now supports sleep tracking.

Arguably, a fully-fledged sleep tracker should have been bundled on the Gear S2 from the word go, but it’s nice to see Samsung respond to customer feedback and implement it in a somewhat timely manner. The service utilizes the device’s integrated heart rate sensor to detect three different stages of sleep — restless, light and motionless. It then analyses this data and puts it through a complex algorithm to calculate the total time slept and the amount of calories burnt doing so.

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