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Top 10 popular smartphones H1 2016 according Antutu

Before you know it you are already halfway through 2016. It's time to take stock of the most popular phones of 2016.
Which devices are widely used varies by region. Antutu is one of the most widely used benchmarks in the world of smartphones. The benchmark provides an excellent insight into the popularity of smartphones. Because who would not want to test his new device.

Top 10 most popular smartphones in the world

This week Antutu shares the top 10 of the most popular smartphones in different regions throughout the world in the first half year 2016. The source of this top 10, the data from the Antutu benchmark over the period January 1, 2016 to June 30, 2016 .
You can say that Samsung is the champion anywhere in smartphones. The South Korean company is four devices in the top 10 in the world. Absolute winner is the Galaxy Note 5 we can unfortunately not received in the Netherlands. Number two is well known in our country, the Samsung Galaxy S6. With a frenzied leap Galaxy newly launched in February S7 came in fourth place. Samsung's compatriot LG stands with its LG G3 place on 8 and the other placed for the Chinese Xiaomi redmi Note 3 that is immensely popular in China and two Meizu phone; the MX5 and Metal.
Top 10 Smartphones in the World 1h 2016

The top 10 varies from market

In addition to a top 10 of the world Antutu also provides insight into the popular handsets from the local markets. Thus we see in China an overwhelming popularity of Xiaomi redmi Note 3. Large distance follows the Samsung Galaxy S7 (1 / 3rd of the redmi Note Score) and Leeco 2. It is surprising that since Samsung Galaxy S7 only feet the earth has been in China. The number three smartphone vendor in the world, Huawei, we see only place sixth in China with its Huawei Mate 8 is clearly in China prefer devices with 5.5-inch format.
Top 10 Smartphones in China 1h 2016

Top 10 smartphones America

In America Samsung is proud to number 1. However, we did see totally different appliances in the top 10. The US Google has places three and four wins respectively 6P Nexus and Nexus 6. For this we can thank Huawei and Motorola. It is also notable that 60% of the list is Samsung and the only outsiders OnePlus and Nexus are.
Top 10 Smartphones in America 1h 2016

Top 10 smartphones Korea

As in America Samsung in Korea has 60% of the top ten hands. But in Korea, Samsung shares the top ten with LG. LG is even on place two with the LG G3 Pro and the LG V10 manages to grab a nice place to fourth place. Both in America but even more so in Korea shows that local manufacturers are preferred to foreign manufacturers.
Top 10 Smartphones in Korea 1h 2016

Top 10 smartphones Germany

Perhaps the most comparable market in the Netherlands, our neighbors. In Germany, Samsung lord of the top 10. With up to four devices on the first four places and three on the last, the South Korean manufacturer at least 70% of the top ten hands. The first two devices from OnePlus resist along with the LG G3 from compatriot LG.
Top 10 Smartphones in Germany 1h 2016

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