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From stage props to the watch box: Samsung’s Gear S2 marketing comes full circle

What’s in a box? Not much. Usually, when smartphone lovers open a new box that contains a new smartphone, they toss the box first without thinking about it. Phone unboxings show tech reviewers tossing the box in one direction, the manual in the other, with their eyes set on the metal, plastic, metal-and-glass, or other build quality beauty before them. Few smartphone lovers are concerned with boxes and packaging (though some deem it a “nice touch” when the box has some style or professionalism).

I’ve never given smartphone boxes a second thought, but Samsung’s Gear S2 packaging made me rethink my neutral feeling about boxes. I still remember the day when my Gear S2 smartwatch (the first one; Verizon gave me a second one for free due to its Galaxy S7/S7 edge pre-order promotional) made its way to my door. I heard a knock on the door, opened it, signed for the package, accepted it, thanked the delivery man, closed the door, and immediately set to opening the box. At the moment of opening the cardboard box, I found myself greeted with a circular white box that housed the Gear S2 inside.

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