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Galaxy Note 7 release delayed in Russia and Ukraine

Samsung appears to have underestimated demand for the Galaxy Note 7 because it’s having to manage supply following high pre-order demand. The company has already decided to delay the Galaxy Note 7 release in Malaysia as well as the Netherlands, where the handset hasn’t even gone on pre-order yet, and now Samsung has confirmed that it’s doing the same for Russia and Ukraine. It won’t be surprising if the delay is expanded to additional markets across Europe

The Galaxy Note 7 was supposed to be launched in Russia on September 2 but Samsung has said that due to unprecedented demand for its latest flagship, it’s delaying the release to September 16. The wait will be longer for customers in Ukraine where the handset was supposed to go on pre-order come August 16. Pre-orders will now be opened on September 7 with shipments starting September 30. It’s unfortunate for customers in these markets as they will now have to wait longer to get their hands on one of the best Note flagships that Samsung has ever created.


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