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Good Lock update (version 24.0.12) brings support for the Galaxy Note 7 and its integrated iris scanner

Samsung has today updated its Good Lock application to version 24.0.12 in the Galaxy Apps Store. The upgrade introduces compatibility for the recently-announced Galaxy Note 7 and its integrated iris scanner; giving users the facility to unlock a handset that’s running the replacement lock screen using their retina should they want to.

It’s worth noting that this update brings a handful of other major changes to Good Lock, too, including: the option to include Keep notifications when using Backup, the introduction of unlock animations and the facility to display status bar icons of categorized notifications in one category icon. It also addresses a plethora of bugs and introduces a patch for the problematic “SystemUI restart” issue.

The full changelog can be seen below:

Supporting Note 7
Add option to include or not Keep notifications when using Backup
Supporting center aligned Clock Widget on Lockscreen
Display the status bar icons of categorized notifications into one category icon
Supporting Iris concept (Note 7)
Enhanced swipe up interaction of Widget List for closing it
Supporting Routine location radius setting
Add unlock animation of Lockscreen
Supporting option to remove or not Apps when remove all on list type Recent Apps
To install the upgrade, head into the Galaxy Apps Store, tap the search field, type in Good Lock, select the application presented at the top of the results page, then click the button entitled Update. Or just download the APK down below.


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