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How to Think Big and Do More with Samsung Notes and the Galaxy Note7


With the Galaxy Note7, users can easily create and manage notes, memos and drawings in one place—Samsung Notes. This new application consolidates Samsung’s various note-taking apps, making doodling and note-taking more convenient than ever before. The drawing experience has also been overhauled, enabling users to fully unleash their creativity with new drawing tools, and more easily share their digital artworks with the world.


A New Way to Note

Because the S Pen has a wide range of capabilities, note-taking functions of previous Note models were divided into several apps such as Action Memo, S Note, Scrapbook and Memo.


With the Galaxy Note7, Samsung simplified and integrated the functions of these apps into a single, all-in-one S Pen application called Samsung Notes. With it, users can now create, edit and manage all S Pen creations and text notes easily from one convenient location.

With handwriting recognition, Samsung Notes lets users create memos seamlessly by using the keyboard or by simply writing out their notes with the S Pen. Samsung Notes also has a search feature which is compatible with handwritten notes, so users can quickly find what they’re looking for.


Another useful addition is Samsung Notes’ optimized text input options. With new support for check boxes, numbering and font colors, organizing to-do and shopping lists is a breeze.

Users can also import existing content from S Note and Memo by using their Samsung account or Smart Switch to continue using it on the new Samsung Notes app.


Enhanced Drawing Tools for the Digital Artist

In addition to text, the Galaxy Note7 boasts seven types of specialized drawing tools that empower users to bring their creative ideas to life.

The oil paintbrush allows users to mix multiple colors and create different textures, and the watercolor paintbrush enables color layering. Additionally, with the calligraphy brush, users can change the thickness of their strokes by applying different pressure levels.

The user interface of Samsung Notes also makes it easier to quickly switch between different drawing tools, creating a more fluid drawing experience. Completed digital artworks can be easily uploaded to the PEN.UP website via a new app shortcut at the bottom corner of the drawing.


Easy Access, Efficient Management

With Samsung Notes, users can also integrate multiple kinds of contents into a single note creation via the app’s expanded, scroll-through canvas. For example, users can merge a drawing, image and voice recording into one document.

Whether an edited image, a drawing, or a handwritten note, Samsung Notes can automatically detect the type of content, and adjust its size accordingly on the grid-style interface of the home screen. This makes the content easier to visualize upon opening the app, and easier to access and share once it is completed.

Users can also browse their content via the categories tab, which enables them to classify their content for more efficient management.

The new Samsung Notes application is currently accessible on the Galaxy Note7, and will be available for download on other Note devices in the near future.

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