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Huawei Provides Mobile Video Live Broadcasting for ICT for Sporting Events Industry Summit in Indonesia

During the ICT for Sporting Events Industry Summit in Indonesia, Huawei provided online live broadcasting of the industry summit via the Facebook Live video platform.

Due to its high-quality mobile network assurance capabilities, Huawei decided to broadcast the ICT industry summit to the public by mobile live video. This allowed people who focus on ICT industry development trends in the sports event industry to view real-time cutting-edge information and industry viewpoints from industry experts at the summit remotely.

During the ICT for Sporting Events Industry Summit in Indonesia, Huawei provided online live broadcasting of the industry summit via the Facebook Live video platform

Nowadays, network video live broadcasting has become a global phenomenon. More and more social networking platforms have begun to allow users to share video through a smartphone camera, and various public events, such as industry gatherings, hotspot events, and press conferences, have also started to use this new broadcasting method to target a wider online audience.

This is the first time Huawei has adopted the mobile video live broadcasting method to broadcast an ICT industry summit to the public through Facebook Live.

As one of the most important social networks in Asia, Facebook has a large number of users in Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, and other countries. By the end of 2015, Facebook had 70.6 million users in Indonesia.

The flourishing development of future mobile video live broadcasting depends on advances in mobile network technologies. Compared with traditional mobile network services, video services pose higher requirements for network capability, such as more powerful network congestion control capabilities, shorter end-to-end network delay, and faster network transmission rates.

In addition, mobile operators and OTT enterprises have started comprehensive cooperation in flexible charging, content aggregation, content storage and distribution, and open operation to explore new video business models. The development and maturing of the mobile video industry chain are also inseparable from Huawei’s comprehensive network assurance capabilities.

Based on operators' development requirements, and network architecture design, content aggregation, and experience standard of video services, Huawei has proposed a video broadband (VBB) network concept and provided a series of customized video network solutions, enabling users to experience high-quality clear videos with no delay or stalling. Huawei continuously promotes the advancement of mobile network technologies and works to ensure its vision of enriching life through communication.

“Mobile video is becoming mainstream and the first choice for users. Huawei’s VBB solution can help operators to realize the opportunities this new business model provides, improve network capacity, and finally enable the success of online mobile video,” said Andy Ma, VP of Huawei Wireless Network Marketing & Solution.

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