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Looks like I'm the first moron to get their S-pen stuck. Yay.

No idea what happened. I just slid my s-pen into the body, no problem, but the cap didn't click back out past the o-ring to be flush with the body. It now sits in the body just past the o-ring/seal and will not come out. No idea WTF to do, but this is WAY worse of an issue than people putting the pen in backward on the 5. This wasn't avoidable. Pushing it in further, there's no feedback click and there's not enough force in the spring action to move it back out past the o-ring/seal. Not fun. Kinda pissed.

Any idea on how to coax it back out without scratching or gouging the finish anywhere?

Using a thumbtack I very carefully poked the seal all the way around with the side of the point and was able to lightly pry it in a corner to get the end of the pen past the seal. Everything is fine now. Everything still works.

Note to everyone, it takes almost no pressure at all to get the pen seated properly, if you push it in too far (because you have fat fingers and you can't tell how far you're going past your case, like me) it can get stuck on the seal. Lightly press the pen back in and when it clicks, it's seated, stop pushing.


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