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Samsung delays Gear IconX release in the US

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 7 last week and it also confirmed that day when the Gear IconX activity tracking earbuds will be released in the United States. They have already been released in a handful of other markets and customers in the US have been waiting to find out when they will be able to purchase Samsung’s first activity tracking earbuds. The company was previously supposed to release them on August 15th but it has now delayed the Gear Icon X’s release date in the country.

Fortunately, it has only pushed back the release by a couple of days and that too for what could be described as theatrics. Instead of releasing the Gear IconX on August 15th as it had previously announced, Samsung has now updated its website to reflect that the earbuds will be out on August 19th. The date is of significance because on that very day the Galaxy Note 7 will be released in the United States and many other markets across the globe. Samsung basically thought that it would look better if its first activity tracking wireless earbuds were released on the very same day as its new flagship Galaxy Note handset.


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