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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 review roundup: Here’s what experts have to say about Samsung’s latest flagship

It has been two weeks since the Galaxy Note 7 was officially unveiled, and experts and consumer tech media around the world have expressed their views on Samsung’s latest phablet. It will take another week or so till our review of the Galaxy Note 7 gets published since we received the device late. So, we thought we would let you know what others have to say about the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung takes the spirit of the Note down to the Galaxy S line, and it’s a hit.

- AndroidCentral

The folks over at Android Central praised the Note 7′s beautiful hardware, industry-leading display, great camera, and unique S Pen features. However, they think that it’s still too big for some hands and that it’s very expensive. Read AndroidCentral’s Galaxy Note 7 review here.

The Galaxy Note7 performs well in benchmarks but the closer we get to real-world testing the more apparent it is that Samsung is not really doing well in real-world benchmarks which is concerning.

- AnandTech

Joshua Ho from AnandTech wasn’t impressed with the Galaxy Note 7. He pointed out in his review out that Samsung’s symmetrical design is not that symmetrical, and that its real-world performance isn’t as good as the iPhone 6s’ and the HTC 10′s. Moreover, he thinks that the HTC 10′s camera is better than the Galaxy Note 7′s except the speed. He doesn’t think that the Galaxy Note 7′s price is justified, at least not until the launch of the upcoming iPhone 7 and Nexus devices.

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