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Samsung publishes iris scanner details for the Galaxy Note 7

The next big thing from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 7, has now gone official, but, with the iris scanner being one of the new, mysterious, and most intriguing aspects of the latest-generation phablet, consumers are now trying to find out as much about the iris scanner as possible. As seen from a leaked video two weeks prior to this week’s announcement, the iris scanner works incredibly fast (some may say faster than the fingerprint scan since you need not even place your finger on the home button), but how exactly does it work?

In other words, what happens between your eye and the iris camera to process the iris scan?

Samsung has published details of just how the iris scanner works, showing a diagram of the human eye, the portion called the iris, as well as how the iris camera detects the iris and eyelid, embeds the iris scan as encrypted code, then accesses it when someone attempts to perform an iris scan to see if the embedded code matches the code of the eye in front of the iris camera. Samsung added the iris camera to capture human irises as well as an IR LED to prevent reflected light from contaminating iris scans in any way.

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