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Samsung’s P/E ratio rises above Apple's for first time

Samsung Electronics’ price-to-earnings ratio has outpaced that of its archrival Apple for the first time.

Samsung was trading at a P/E ratio of 13.41 on the local bourse on Tuesday, while the figure for Apple remained at about 12.23.

Until the end of 2013, Apple’s P/E ratio (12.14) almost doubled that of Samsung (6.93). But the gap started to narrow in 2015.

While Apple’s P/E ratio remained almost the same last year at about 12.43, that of Samsung soared to 9.98.

This year, Samsung stocks started an upswing, largely buoyed by upbeat sales. On Aug. 1, the price soared to its highest point of 1.58 million won ($1,420).

Samsung has also been narrowing the gap with Apple on operating profit margin. In the April-June period, Samsung’s OPM was 16.2 percent, compared to Apple’s 23.82 percent.


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