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Security patches of July: Samsung Galaxy J5, J5 Galaxy (2016), and June: Galaxy S3 Neo

The last few days were a number of Samsung phones updates within the  security patch of July  and June . Updating the first generation Galaxy J5 , the Galaxy J5 (2016) and the Galaxy S3 Neo .

The Galaxy J5 in 2015 will be updated to firmware version XXS1APG1. This still does not Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow . Although this update is already available elsewhere on the Galaxy J5 , we have here a little more patience in the Netherlands - but in the meantime, it is therefore entirely be updated in the security field, with a patch date of July 1st.

Its newer sibling, the Galaxy J5 (2016), of course, turned since its launch on Android Marshmallow, and now gets his first real  security patch update. Firmware version XXU1APG1 holding the phone logically on Android 6.0.1, but causes the  level Android security patch (in  Settings -> Phone Info -> Software information ) is updated to July 1st.

And then there's the Galaxy S3 Neo, which has now been more than two years ago came on the market. This device will be updated to firmware version XCSAPG6 (thanks, Jovan!). Although this unit does not get further updates of the Android system - version 4.4.2 remains 4.4.2. But the update brings here anyway new  security patches  to that of the month of June


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