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T-Mobile ships the Galaxy Note 7 ahead of schedule

T-Mobile appears to have made a habit of shipping Samsung flagships ahead of schedule. We saw this with the Galaxy S7 earlier this year and with the Galaxy S6 last year. Multiple customers who pre-ordered the Galaxy Note 7 from T-Mobile are now reporting that Magenta has started charging their credit cards – which means that their orders have been processed – and some have even received emails mentioning that their units have been shipped. Those customers can expect to receive their units on Monday, August 15. The official release date of the Galaxy Note 7 in the United States is August 19.

It goes without saying that customers who are going to receive their units ahead of schedule will be very happy. It’s hard waiting even for a couple of days when you know that a brand new phone is on its way to you. Several customers have already received their tracking numbers from T-Mobile so the carrier has indeed shipped their units and they are likely to get it before August 19. Did you order your Galaxy Note 7 from T-Mobile? Do share in the comments below if you have also received confirmation from T-Mobile that your unit has shipped ahead of schedule.

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