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Android and Windows simultaneously on your Galaxy: Samsung asks patent for dual boot UX

What do you say? A  dual boot Galaxy S8 with Android and Windows? Well no, that's not going to happen.But how this might work can be seen in a patent application published today by Samsung in South Korea.Multi Window is multi-OS, so to speak.
Samsung dual-boot ux patent-1
The dual boot Galaxy: left Android, Windows right
Imagine one: the  multi-window feature that Samsung offered lately on its high-end devices, which not only between different applications can switch back and forth - or display simultaneously - but even between different operating systems. That is exactly what shows a patent application published today in South Korea.
The patent , whose application was filed in May last year, shows a galaxy where you in different ways between Android and Windows and can switch back again, including various functions to manage simultaneously running two systems in the right direction.
Samsung dual-boot ux patent-2
Right: Multi windows with top Android, Windows
Samsung allowed for this  dual boot inspire clear implementation by the way its own TouchWiz interface currently allows to display multiple apps simultaneously and use. So you can view both systems simultaneously on the screen, but also reduce one operating system to an icon that above the rest of the content on the display to 'float' - just as it could already today with applications.
Samsung dual-boot ux patent-3
Links: Windows minimized to an icon that hovers over Android
Furthermore, we see that Samsung actually used one system as a standard - in the patent is that Android.One press of the  Home button always takes you back to the home screen thereof. So if Android is your default OS, you'll find it on the home screen when you're in Windows by doing something else but at  homedepressed. Windows is again minimized in this case.
Samsung dual-boot ux patent-4
A press Home minimizes Windows brings you back to Android
As in Samsung's current  Multi Window feature, it is possible content Be it stocks dragging back and forth between different windows, which in this case show the different operating systems. Simply drag so for example a Windows folder to your Android file manager or home screen.
Samsung dual-boot ux patent-9
Drag files between Windows and Android, why not?
Of course such a need  dual boot feature also sufficiently manageable. In the patent, we see different settings, for example, to set up shared folders, and the available  resources are fairly distributed - which OS should take up much memory and CPU time? It is also possible to identify which  shortcuts and gestures you can switch directly between Android and Windows.
Samsung dual-boot ux patent-7
Managing Resources: which OS that can use?
Whoever thinks that such a  dual boot functionality is just as practical on a tablet, can dream quietly.Samsung also has a patent application for the tablet version of this interface presented , although these pieces less clear and detailed.
Samsung dual-boot ux patent-0
It is not the first time that Samsung thinks about  dual boot machines running Windows and Android. Thus all patents filed before for such a tablet, and a specific device called Ativ Q was then revealed it but never actually released.
That brings us right to the main point of the patent application described above: presumably still here is mainly about playing with ideas. Whether we like phone ever actually in the stores will encounter very question - and certainly not as a top model Galaxy.
But as usual it remains fun to see what Samsung zoal cooking up behind the scenes, and to be honest: a dual boot phone with Windows and Galaxy still remains for many people the imagination. Regardless of the current state of the Windows Mobile operating system, of course.

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