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Carphone Warehouse is dishing out £25 account credit to all customers who pre-ordered the Galaxy Note 7

UK-based independent electronics retailer Carphone Warehouse has started informing all customers who pre-ordered a Galaxy Note 7 through either its online portal or nationwide bricks-and-mortar stores that their account will be credited with £25 ($33) to compensate for the delay in shipments.

Unfortunately, it’s currently unclear when shipping will be resumed in the UK. After all, it was only a couple of hours ago that Samsung presented its findings from its investigation into the reports of exploding devices, revealing that the cause was a defective battery, but its still yet to calculate exactly how many handsets are pack the faulty battery.

For now, the company’s main priority is to ensure consumer safety. To do this, it will be recalling all Galaxy Note 7′s that have made their way into the hands of customers and replacing them. We can confirm, that sales of the handset will, however, be halted until the problem has been fixed.

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