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Every Colour, Every Star, Every Emotion | LG OLED TV (2016)

Have you ever experienced a Perfect Black sky?
Over 80% of world cannot witness the beauty of night sky.
So LG OLED TV took a journey to retrieve the beauty.

On a white night during the Icelandic summer,
LG OLED TV presents a Perfect Black sky and the Perfect Colour of Nature.
Everyone enjoyed the art of nature in harmony massively displayed on LG OLED TV.

To continue the mission of technology to captivate,
The journey of LG OLED TV to find perfect black sky continues.

Perfect Black reveals Perfect Nature

Visit to explore our journey of finding Perfect Black

#LGOLEDTV #PerfectBlack #PerfectNature #LightsOutStarsOn

Performed by: Asgeir
Appears courtesy of: One Little Indian Records

“In Harmony” written by John Grant, Julius Robertsson, Gudmundur Jonsson and Ásgeir Einarsson
© Published by Blue Mountain Music Ltd. And Higher Publishing Administered by Kobalt Music Publishing Limited

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